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Family Class Monday and Wednesday 5.00pm Till 6.00pm.
The Benefits of training as a family 
From birth a child learns by observing their parents and basic motor skills are or should be taught by parents, for example rolling a ball to a child or playing with building blocks, this interaction in the form of play gives you a bond and something that you can build on to develop skills even further, catching a ball, hitting a ball, dribbling a ball by hand or foot, we hear constantly that children are left to watch television or are constantly playing video games, these are non-physical activities, they do not provide any fitness or social skills.
Why not change this and train along side your child/children here at Leeds Cage. Training as a family will help
Build confidence
Social Skills
Motor Skills
Hand Eye Co-ordination
Fun learning
The ability to protect 
any much more.
By training with your child you encourage them to be the best.
Please speak to our office manager for details on our discounted family packages.